Monday, December 16, 2013

I wish life was like the Cosby Show sometimes.

I love to watch the Cosby Show. If there is any show out there that depicts life in the 80's any more accurately, please share that with me because I wanna know.

On top of the amazing-ness that is the Cosby Show, there is also the very convenient fact that no matter the problem, 30 minutes and it's solved. Who wouldn't love that, amIrite?

Whenever my children are giving me or are having a hard time, I think about how nice it would be to pull a page (or script) from the Cosby Show and stage some elaborate hoopla to prove (yet again) how wise and all-seeing I am the parents are while at the same time enabling the beloved offspring to accept graciously that they are wrong, wrong, wrong and - dare I even VOICE it - ruefully thank me their loving, wise parents for showing them the error of their innocent, misguided ways.


If I attempted any sort of guiding lesson pulled from the Cosby Show, I would be met with tween 'tude, slamming doors, and the burning certainty of text message/smart phone blow up about how completely out of  touch and lame I am. To top all of that, the only lesson learned would be me learning not to attempt such foolish and pointless exercises with my know-better-than-their-really-goofy-parents children.

What do you say to that, Dr. Huxtable?

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought, too. ::cue jazz music::

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