Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dancing With The Stars: It's My Jam! Elimination Night

Last night on DWTS: there was dancing and judging. Tonight there's fifty minutes of filler and commercials and someone loses their chance at the Mirror Ball Trophy. It's capitalized because it's THAT important.

We start off with a super short pro dance. I love Sharna. That is all. Tonight we do something different with the encore dance. We get a choice between TWO - Lea and Artem or Janel and Val. VOTE AMERICA! VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Meanwhile, let's recap our first three couples. Randy and Karina. I guess they didn't do as well as they expected.  Next are Betsey and Tony. There was a wardrobe malfunction, it just happened before the live dance. Tony saved the day and was super excited with their performance. Lea and Artem just nailed their dance.

I like Erin's hair up like that! Lea and Artem are safe, Randy and Karina are safe, Betsey and Tony are safe! Tony is super excited. Betsey totally thought they were in jeopardy.

Next, Nico and Vinz sing their hit. Julianne will perform with the pros. In the promo video clip someone drops her and you hear her head thunk on the floor. Ouch! That's not going to increase your scores, pal.


Cheryl and Artem bring us back. Seriously, Cheryl is really thin this season. Nico and Vinz perform and Peta, Karina, and Val perform. I wonder how long the dancers spend rehearsing their choreo each week? I think it's ironic that Peta and Karina are dancing with Val for this number since they both used to date Maks. Is it weird for them, I wonder?

Now we get the A to Z of DWTS. That was cute, but I'm not recapping it.

Erin is talking to Michael, Jonathan, and Tommy. Micheal says he came to Hollywood to figure out who he is. Erin asks him if he's figured it out and he says that he can drive in the HOV lane because he has so many people in his head. Oh-kay. Onto Tommy. Erin says he has salsa experience and asks him to show a move or two. He rips open his shirt. HAHAHAHA! Erin quips 'is it cold in here like it was last night?' She peeks in his shirt and continues with 'it is, it's a little chilly'. Maybe Tommy can commandeer a pastie from Karina's outfit last night. Tommy responds with "Wanna touch my boob?" Erin nervously giggles and moves onto Jonathan. Tommy is smirking. You go, Tommy! We saw a sexier side to Jonathan last night who says one day he hopes to be as sexy as Tommy. Heh. I like Jonathan!

Now we recap their dances. Oh HO! Tommy wasn't supposed to rip his shirt open. Jonathan has a problem keeping his shoes tied. Michael is trying so hard. I love that Emma told him to just be who he is.

Tommy and Peta are safe. Michael and Emma are in jeopardy. Jonathan and Allison are safe!

Next we find our our encore dance. Well, after this commercial break.

Back to the show. Janel and Val get the encore dance. I think they are better tonight than last night.

Bethany gets her ankle wrapped before the performance and afterwards Derek tells her how nervous he was. He's also giving her a piggy back ride down the hall and she says she's glad he didn't tell her that because she probably would have fallen off. Cut to Janel and someone asks her if she's nervous. Nope. Last week she was but not this week. Val says his cheeks are too fat for the mask. Psssh. Stop talking to your brother, Val. You're fine. Afterwards Val tells her that the hard work pays off. Janel knows, she knows. Then we see Mark checking his teeth in the mirror. Umm, okay. Mark! Dental. Floss. Methinks this reality show just came down with a serious case of the 'scripted's. Sadie tells him she's nervous because everyone is so good. She sure didn't show it out there on the floor. Also, I hope Mark washed his hands after picking his teeth before touching her. I bet her dad has a strict no bodily fluids policy, no matter the bodily fluid. Sadie is really disappointed in their scores and they throw the word 'duck' in as much as possible. Betcha by the end of this show, he'll be calling her Duckie instead of Dude. Then Mark says Len doesn't know country or jazz. Whaaaa?!?!?!! Buuurrrrrrnnnnn.

Janel and Val are safe! Bethany and Derek are safe! Sadie and Mark are in jeopardy. That surprises me. Tom adds, 'But on the plus side, his teeth look incredible.' I love Tom.

More commercials.

Sia sings Chandelier. Alison and Maddie from Dance Mom's perform. Sia wants us to focus on the dancing so she won't face the audience. Le sigh. Smells like a publicity stunt. Or like a Sia absence.

That dance number is phenomenal.

Erin is with Lea, Betsey, and Sadie. Where is Artem? No one knows! Lea is glad to not be in jeopardy.  Betsey says she went from a punker to a prima donna. Betsey was so excited last night, she's speechless trying to talk about it tonight. Since she's out of quote-ables, onto Sadie who says she understands that this is a competition and a game and that last night was rough.

Len is going to be absent next week and Kevin Hart will be the guest judge. I wondered how that would work with adding Julianne as a judge this year.  Next week it's movie night and we preview coming attractions. Clever, DWTS.  Betsey and Tony do Spirit Fingers which is a take on Ghost. Alfonso and Witney do Stocky, a take off of Rocky.  Lea and Artem do Back to the Cha Cha.

Now we get to decide on the Pro audition tape to view. VOTE VOTE VOTE America!!!!!!!


We get to see the audition tape of Mark Ballas. Awww, cute!!!!

Now it's time for Julianne to perform. Because we don't see any of that at the judges table. ::eye roll:: But seriously, the girl can dance. And, there go half her clothes.

Alfonso and Witney. He's telling Lea that he lost connection and stumbled once and she rolls her eyes. ::snort:: Cut to Alfonso and Witney talking after they dance and he's trying to convince himself he's honestly happy. I don't believe him. Then we see Cheryl and Antonio speaking in Spanish. And by speaking in Spanish, I mean saying the words 'momento' and 'rumba'. They are genuinely happy with their 8's. Take note, Alfonso. 8 is good! Tavis and Sharna. Sharna tells him they will have to work harder next week and then you see Tavis standing by himself obviously unhappy with the scores. Then we see him tell someone they got all 7's and with the short amount of time they practiced that 7's were okay. The only thing is that if the viewers think your real life is more important than your DWTS commitment, you may very well be gone. Last season Charlie and Meryl were doing Stars on Ice while DWTS was filming and you knew it, but it never seemed to cut in to their rehearsal time for the show....

Alfonso and Witney are safe! Tavis and Sharna are jeopardy, Antonio and Cheryl are safe!


Now for the final results. Sadie and Mark are safe. Michael and Emma are safe so Tavis and Sharna are eliminated.

Tune in next week for Movie night!

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