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Dancing with the Stars Recap - It's Movie Night!


Last week? Tavis and Sharna got sent home. There is a tacky 'Boogie Night' reference that includes a 'straight to video' stamp, and while it's funny, it seems...harsh. Guess that's the way the mirror ball turns.

Anyway, here's our star/movie line up for tonight.

Lea - Back to the Future, because of course.
Jonathan - The Great Gatsby. I'm interested to see what they do with that.
Antonio - Guardians of the Galaxy. Really? REALLY?
Randy - Rocky - wait, I thought Alfonso was going to do Rocky because of last week? No? Okay.
Bethany - Singing in the Rain. She just rolled her eyes. Don't disrespect Gene Kelly, young one.
Betsey - Ghost. At least that matches up with last week's promo!
Janel - West Side Story. She fake trips at the end. Umm, okay. I'm starting to think maybe I should have a margarita as I watch this because I am not amused.
Alfonso - Austin Powers. Heh. This just got good! I'd much rather see him as Austin Powers than Rocky. Now, Randy as Rocky? Yeaaaaah baby!
Sadie - Up. Mark just popped her balloon. I hope that's all he's gonna pop!
Michael - Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. I thought for sure it would be car maybe Gone in 60 Seconds or that Tom Cruise NASCAR movie...whassit called? Days of Thunder.
Tommy - Scent of a Woman. He sniffs Peta's armpit in the promo. LOL! Also, gross!

Wow. Each week seems to have a new opening. That's ambitious. I like it though! There are some amazing dancers on this show. The couples are all eating popcorn like they're in a movie theater. Opening number. Witney is adorable and pretty on target as Marilyn Monroe. Kevin Hart is the guest judges. They are going to make him dance too. Wow, he is a shorty. Or maybe Erin and Tom and the rest of the cast are really tall.

Oh. We are back to one night a week so someone gets booted tonight. Man! I wasn't expecting that. Randy and Karina are in jeopardy. And they are dancing first. He makes a weird grimace face. Awwww. Short recap of last week. We see rehearsals for this weeks dance...maybe a tango or a Paso Double?! Karina tells him he's too weak. Girl! He could break you in two like a twig. Yep, they are doing the Paso Double. You know, Randy can really dance. he just needs to get out of his head. This dance was kinda meh. Too much stomping and not enough dancing. Sometimes it seems Karina choreographs more to show herself off and less to show off the partnership. That happened last season too.

Judges: Julianne: she feels like he is lacking the first week charm and strength and is relying on Karina too much. She gets booed. Bruno: Randy scares him but agrees that the timing was behind. The Paso is all in the shapes not just punching. YES! That was what was missing. Carrie Ann: Thanks him for taking her notes from last week. Now she wants him to bring back some of the finesse. Kevin: Kevin is scared of him and loves that he embraced the dance. He thought it was a hell of a performance.

Up to Erin: Karina sticks our her tongue. Stop it Karina, you are no Miley. Karina thinks they did better this week. Says something about stripping. Hush Karina. This is a family show.
Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Kevin 7, Julianne 6, Bruno 6. Total of  26

Commercials. Can I just say how much I despise that Matthew Mcconaughey Lincoln commercial?!?!?!

We're back! The judges are talking amongst themselves and chair dancing.

Alfonso and Witney are safe!  Betsey and Tony are safe! Group hug!

We are doing Austin Powers Goldmember. But not that groovy kind of Austin Powers dance, oh no! They are doing the quickstep. It's mentioned that Len wants to see him do a ballroom dance but the quickstep still seems right up his ally.  We see Witney talking about how Alfonso likes to move his shoulders and how you can't do that in the quickstep and then when he gets tired, he starts to drop his frame. She is interviewing without make up and she looks totally beautiful but about 12 years old. They are dancing around the studio, practicing, and they break apart and she says, "I'm literally carrying your fat ass that whole time." Damn, girl!  He interviews that he came here to learn ballroom but that the quickstep is a lot harder than he thought.

Showtime! There's a mini me!!! The footwork is amazing, but the song seems too slow to be a quickstep. Maybe they did that on purpose. I wonder if the mini me is any relation to Alfonso?

Judges: Bruno: he has a swinging sixties style. He still has his own style but needs to be more ballroom. Bruno says to use the diaphragm more. Carrie Ann says she is so impressed with him. There was no hip hop bounce in the dance and he held his frame. Kevin: He cracks about Alfonso being put in a velvet suit and then says I'm going to use my diaphragm by saying you murdered that! HAHAHA! Julianne: Blah blah blah she's up out of her chair. Yes, yes, we see you.

Up to Erin: the mini me is up there with them and Erin asks him what scores he would give to Alfonso and Witney. Mini-me: 10's across the board!

Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Kevin 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 8 for a total of 32. Alfonso is doing something weird. Like he's trying to channel Carlton, Will Smith, and Kevin Hart rolled into one. Just be you, Alfonso. Just be you.


We're back! Kevin is in another dance number with the dude who was the voice of Olaf in Frozen.

Betsey and Tony! We see a clip of last week and she refers to it as a miracle. This week they are doing a contemporary dance. Tony is lifting her a lot and she shows up with a go pro camera. HAHAHHAAA! She's worried and says she needs a drink. Me too, girl.

They do a really neat interpretation of Ghost, frankly. It's slow, graceful, and elegant with a lot of lifts. Near the end, Tony lies on the floor, lifts Betsey up over his body, and she does a back walkover into the splits. Tony walks into the light. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Cut to the sky box and the cast is clapping and cheering but then it cuts to Derek and Bethany and it looks like they are off to themselves. He's clapping and she's just standing there with a "Mckayla is not amused' expression. Get over yourself, Bethany.

Judges: Carrie Ann says it's confusing to watch her because at times she looks like one of the pro dancers. She means that in a good way. Betsey just needs to point her toes a little more. Kevin says he thought she was a 21 year old and has the hots for her. He told her she dropped it like it's hot. Heh! Julianne agrees with Kevin and Carrie Ann. Bruno says no one can bend it like Betsey, but says she needs to point her feet a little more.

We can vote now to switch up stars and their pros. The switch show will be in two weeks so VOTE! VOTE VOTE!!!!

Up to Erin: Last week Betsey never felt prettier and this week she dropped it like it's hot, how does she feel now? Beautiful but she says it in a really spooky voice. Maybe she had that drink....

Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Kevin 9, Julianne 6, Bruno 7 for a total of 29.


Michael and Emma are safe! Sadie and Mark are safe! Antonio and Cheryl are in jeopardy. Lea and Artem are safe! They are also dancing next.

Lea and Artem are going to Cha Cha to The Power of Love. They are going to recreate the prom. Artem puts on Lea's shoes for her in rehearsal. Nice. They are working really hard and he's worried they don't have enough time. Then they do this whole Back to the Future skit with the Delorean.  Lea has fantastic legs. The dance goes by really fast.

Judges: Kevin loves that she's smiling through the whole routine. They were good, good, good. Julianne says she's so bummed because of the hand slip. Lea is so versatile. Bruno thinks she is versatile, she had great legs, had a little slip but covered it well. Carrie Ann thought this wasn't her best dance and that Lea looked like she was on the verge of losing it. Lea's head was too far forward and her shoulders were tense. Carrie Ann gets booed. Well, someone had to take over for Len this week.


Erin: blah blah blah

Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Kevin 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 8 for a total of 31.

Next up are Michael and Emma. Recap of last week.  Micheal was bummed. In rehearsals Emma seems stressy about putting enough waltz in the dance. Michael interviews and puts a lot of racing terms in an analogy. The waltz is beautiful and really sweet. When they get to the judges table, Julianne calls him over, grabs his hands, and says that was his best dance ever. You know, Michael was in a horrific crash at Bristol in 1990 and I wonder (and I don't mean this in a mean or disrespectful way) if he really hurt his head because he seems a little off at times, but he's quick witted and really funny, so I don't know. But that crash looked awful. I can't believe he walked away. Michael then says all the smoke at the beginning confused him. With all the lights and the pressure and the live audience, that's totally understandable. He seems genuinely sweet and eager to please, and how can you not have a soft spot for that kind of guy?

Judges: Julianne says it was his best dance ever, it was so technical and the heel leads, lines and extensions were great. Bruno says he worked really hard and it shows. Carrie Ann says she was mesmerized, and that's what entertainment is. He has a lot to work on, but he did a great job. Kevin says he could see the hard work and it was a good job.

Next Monday stars reflect on their most memorable year. Just in case you were wondering.

Up to Erin: lots of hugs and high fives from the cast (but probably not from Bethany). Erin calls him out last week on getting emotional. Look, Erin, this isn't a Barbra Walters special. No need to make him cry, okay!?!?! Michael says this is very important to him and he skipped football with friends to go to dance rehearsal. And, he's keeping the hat!

Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Kevin 7, Julianne 7, Bruno 7 for a total of 28.


We're back and the hair and make up people are at the judges table. How much maintenance do those people need? They're just sitting there for heaven's sake!

Up next Antonio and Cheryl. Last week Len told them not to over analyze it. I think that's code for stop talking about how much you are worrying and rehearse more, Antonio. This week's dance is the fox trot. They took a different approach to training. They are going to have a good time. Good to know! Cheryl doesn't know what a Walkman is. OH MY GOD. ::facepalm:: I don't think she's seen Guardians of the Galaxy, either, because she would definitely know. Antonio gets upset because she puts a hat on him. Weird. Well, he probably paid a lot for that hair. The promo shows them 'having a good time' but it falls flat. It doesn't look anything like a good time, frankly. They are dancing to 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Other than the Walkman in rehearsals and the song choice, I don't get the Guardians of the Galaxy connection. Something tells me Antonio may not be the  most fun to work with of all the stars this year. I think Tommy gets that badge.

Judges: Bruno says something about the fun factor and tells Antonio that when he changes direction he doesn't need to use the whole body. Then Bruno uses Julianne to demonstrate. Oy. Carrie Ann says he's looking good out there. She says dancing doesn't come easily to him and says, "You are stiff in places that are a bit strange." Someone at the judges table starts to cackle and it takes her a second to put it together. Oh dear. She tells him to breathe and relax. Kevin says BOO!!!!!! He says Antonio is killing the tux and that since he can't foxtrot, he's not going to tell Antonio how to foxtrot, but that he can tell he practiced and executed the dance. He did good. Julianne gets skipped.

Up to Erin: Erin wouldn't know a foxtrot if it hit her in the face. I wonder what Maks would say about that? So it looked like he was having a good time, was he? Sure. Antonio complements Cheryl on being the best partner and it's score time.

Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Kevin 7, Julianne 7, Bruno 8 for a total of 29.

Up next Sadie and Mark. Their routine took some criticism last week and they were in jeopardy. Apparently that really upset her. Well, jeez. She's 17 and not a dancer, model, or actress. What did you expect? The producers make sure we know that her dad was okay with the routine via Sadie. Glad we straightened that all out. Onto this week. Sadie says ballroom is hard. Mark makes her dance with balloons tied to her arms. ::Snort:: Showtime! They are graceful together and really sweet, but then the movie UP was really sweet. At the end, she floats up on balloons. Great routine!

Judges: Carrie Ann says so far that was her favorite dance tonight. Kevin says it was seamless and flawless. Julianne says Mark did a great job on choreo, Sadie needs to work on her arms. Bruno is totally and utterly charmed.

Up to Erin: Sadie thought the waltz was boring until she got the hang of it. Translation: She thinks it's boring but was told not to.

Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Kevin 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 8 for a total of 32.


We're back! Janel and Val are safe! Bethany and Derek are safe. Tommy and Peta are safe! She seems surprised. Jonathan and Alison are in jeopardy and are dancing next. Jonathan; Oh GOOD! heh!

Jonathan and Allison are doing a tango this week. Last week, they took a beating from the judges. We see Allison talking to Mark and he cheers her up. Jonathan points out that Allison was brought to the show to bring her own 'Ally-ness' to it and he doesn't want her to lose it. I agree! Its tango time. WOW. The visual lines on this are incredible. Excellent footwork and the execution is flawless.

Judges: Kevin says what he loves the most is that the song wasn't a traditional song and they owned it. Good job! Julianne says she was going to say the same thing about the song not being a traditional tango song. She thinks they did a great job. Jonathan needs to work on his frame. Jonathan: Oooooo! My elbows! I hate them! heh! Bruno says that was a hard track to crack but they got it! Jonathan, "We a TANGO!!!!" I love him this week! Carrie Ann says to Allison they are not here to stifle anyone, they are here to encourage her to be the best she can be and look what happened this week, she was! Way to pat yourself on the back, Carrie Ann. ::eye roll::

Commercials. Again.

Back with Erin, Jonathan, and Allison. Erin asks Allison about last week and the difficulty of the feedback. Allison says it was hard but she worked through it and wanted to be the best for Jonathan.

Scores! Carrie Ann 8, Kevin 8, Julianne 8, Bruno 8. A total of 32. Jonathan and Allison are really excited, he starts talking about his elbows again and Erin cuts him off. Bitch. J/K! It's only a 2 hour show.

Janel and Val are doing West Side Story. We see them rehearsing and then on Thursday at 10 am there's a problem with the number. Val says production says they haven't approved anything and want Val to change the song and the number. Seems like you'd get approval before you started rehearsing. We hear Val on a phone call and he's given the okay to use the music, but nothing from the movie. I take that to mean choreography. Cut to Janel in the studio looking a little stunned and confused an she's picking at her nails. Stop that, Janel! Val says they can't use any of the moves from the movie which is difficult when you're paying homage to such a brilliant movie. True dat! Val says "...the challenge now is to do West Side Story without making it look like West Side Story." He's got this 'what the hell' smile on his face. I bet the producers are glad that they didn't have to tell Maks that. They'd be removing his shoe from...well...special places, I bet.

Dance time! It actually looks like a Broadway musical. Janel's facial expressions are working for her tonight. It was a great number! Really, really well done!

Judges: Julianne (Girrrrrrrl. We SEE you. Sit down!) feels like she was watching a Broadway show and they are incredible. Janel just opened many doors to her career. Perfecto! Bruno says this was her star making turn. Bravo! Carrie Ann says she turned that beeeep out. (She actually said beep) There's another innuendo session, I'm skipping it. Kevin says he's going to bow down to that performance. Scores after the break.

More commercials. Sigh.

Back with Erin, Janel, and Val. Janel kissed Kevin. Well, good for you! Val says Janel is amazing and that it was an incredible honor and blessing to be mentioned in the same sentence as West Side Story and he's glad it all worked out.

Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Kevin 10, Julianne 10, Bruno 10. A perfect score! Janel does the Miss America cry. Erin: Tell me what you're feeling! Janel: That's amazing! I'm happy! Erin: Not to mention your legs looked incredible tonight so you're welcome.  Shut up Erin. Let her have her moment.

Tommy and Peta are up! The star tried to teach his pro the Argentine Tango. We see last week's recap. Peta asks Tommy why he chose The Scent of a Woman. Tommy says for the tango! Tango according to Tommy: Rule 1 is engage your partner. In rehearsal he leans over and sniffs Peta and quips, 'Smells like Maks". HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAA. OMG. Hysterical!!!!!!!!! According to gossip sites, Peta still has a huge thing for Maks who is, shall we put it nicely, only interested in one thing from her.  Annnnnyway. We see Tommy taking charge and teaching Peta how to tango. Peta is good naturedly putting up with it. Maybe because she smells like Maks?!?
Rule 2 is support your partner. By that he means grope her. Rule 3 is the man must always be in control. Cut to Peta and Tommy resting and she's brushing her hair as he says "Piece of cake, girl!" Peta: It is not a piece of cake.
Tommy: Piece of cake.
Peta: You say that, then tomorrow you will forget all your steps.
Tommy: Yeah, but that's tomorrow. Right now I know everything. Tomorrow I won't know *beeeep*


It's tango time! He is all up on her so close that she bumps his chin with her shoulder. If it were anyone else, it would be creepy but it works for them. This is one hot tango. I love these two. Tommy looks a bit amazed when it's over.

Judges: Bruno says the tango is a story and that story could not have been better told. Carrie Ann compared Tommy to Yoda (in a good way) and calls him the real deal. Kevin says some people fold under pressure but not him. He killed it. Julianne says that Peta is a fierce woman and that anyone who can lead that woman is excellent. He was flawless.


Back with Erin, Tommy, and Peta. Apparently dress rehearsal didn't go well. Peta says that was the first time he'd actually gotten through the whole dance. Tommy gives credit to the audience and fans for that.

Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Kevin 10, Julianne 8, Bruno 8 for a total of 34. Erin says you got a 10 tonight, how does that smell? Tommy: I think I owe Kevin something. HEH! Love him!

Last up with a jazz routine are Bethany and Derek. Derek is apparently a huge Gene Kelly fan and calls Singing in the Rain one of the most iconic performances of our generation. During rehearsal, Bethany drops her umbrella.
Derek says, "That can never, ever happen."
Bethany: I know.
Derek: (continuing) "We have to do 10 out of 10."
Bethany interviews that Gene Kelly is one of Derek's biggest heroes and that he's putting a lot of pressure on himself, and therefore her. Why does she seem so snotty this week? UGH.

Derek says what he's lacking from her in general is...attack. Translation: start taking this seriously. Bethany looks bored. He gets frustrated during an umbrella rehearsal and says he needs to take a break. Bethany interviews very non-nonchalantly that Derek is getting frustrated with her. Yeah, well, me too and I'm not even working with you.

Then they meet Patricia Kelly. She gives Bethany a poem that Gene wrote and gives Derek a framed still of the Singing in the Rain dance. Patricia says she can see a little bit of Gene in Derek and then Derek interviews that it needs to be perfect..then corrects himself and says that's putting too much pressure on the dance.  If you've watched the show much, then you know how much this must mean to him, because Derek is usually really laid back and pretty zen. I think the fact that Bethany has come off so far as 'whatever' is probably why he seems so frazzled.

Dance time. The choreography is sharp and they've made it rain on set.   That's tricky! It's a flawless performance and afterwards, Derek picks up Bethany and stands under the water. Hello, payback!

Judges: Carrie Ann says mission, impossible. Mission, complete. Kevin says it's amazing to pay homage to someone you admire and that he brought justice to it. Julianne says she knows the wrath of Derek and that Bethany didn't miss a step. Bruno gets cut off. Haven't you people learned that Bruno won't be ignored??!?!?!!?

Up to Erin who says that Bethany looked amazing and how much this meant to Derek. Derek is babbling. The producers show a video of when Derek was little dancing to Singing in the Rain.

Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Kevin 10, Julianne 10, Bruno who shouts Gene Kelly is smiling on you, kid! 10. Perfect score!!!! I think Derek, not Bethany should get the credit for this.

Commercials and then someone gets the boot.

Elimination time. Antonio and Cheryl are safe. Hmm. I really thought they would be going home. So it's down to Jonathan and Allison and Randy and Karina. Jonathan looks really worried. Randy and Karina are eliminated. They don't look all that surprised. Jonathan looks stunned, surprised and relieved. Erin says "We're all shocked". Apparently Carrie Ann reacted strongly because they start to ask her about it but Kevin steals her spotlight and says, "It wasn't me!!!" Awww. This is the first season that eliminations have been hard from the beginning. Well, for me to watch anyway. Catch Randy and Karina on GMA Tuesday morning and we'll be back next week!

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